Data & Insights

Powered by real data

Every day your employees make dozens of decisions about what to eat, decisions that impact their health, happiness, and productivity at work. We partner with your food and vending providers to gather data about those decisions to help us measure, track, and incentivize healthy mealtime choices.

Food Accessibility

Making healthy food readily available

Many workplaces lack access to healthy foods. Knourish helps make healthy items more accessible by installing our smart vending solutions that feature a rotating menu of healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack options.


Incentives Program

Rewarding healthy eating

Maintaining healthy food habits can be hard, but with a little added incentive good decision-making gets easier. Our rewards platform encourages positive habits like eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and reducing sugar intake. Employees can track progress towards goals, view customized educational content, and redeem rewards for sustained healthy eating.

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