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Knourish is simple. Here's how it works.


1. Design the Menu

Knourish partners with growers, suppliers, and food producers in your community. You can choose what types of items you want to offer your employees, from snacks and beverages to fully prepared meals.


2. Install Knourish

We work closely with your facilities team to plan locations appropriate for Knourish - whether you have one site or multiple nationwide sites. We can even work with your on-site food service provider if you have one.


2. Motivate and Reward

Use our cloud-based tools to view your population's eating trends. Create fun incentives to encourage healthy eating. We can even integrate with your employee wellness or rewards platform, awarding points for sustained healthy habits.


Better Technology

Knourish uses the latest technology to make buying food easier than ever. Simply swipe a card to unlock the cooler and remove the items of your choice! Our smart coolers use an auto-sensing mechanism to track what you removed and charge your card.


Powerful Data

Knourish provides a full-featured analytics dashboard to help you understand the healthy eating habits of your populations. Knourish can also integrate this data into your existing wellness program as a way to incentivize healthy meal-time decisions.

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